Frequently Asked Questions


My grandparents recently had their 50th anniversary. We thought they would love a nice trolley ride around the city and we were right. They had a blast visiting their favorite sites.

- Andrew G

Moline Party Bus - Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What area does Moline Party Bus service?
A: We do our business with the customer satisfaction as our goal, so we do anything we can to meet your expectations and needs. Therefore, we currently service a vast area of the city of Moline and Quad Cities area, including all of the popular spots and most visited places. For more specific information on our service area, please feel free to call us at 563-484-4049.

Q: Is drinking allowed inside the Moline Party Bus?
A: While we encourage moderation, it's not a real party without a few drinks to get the festive engines going. So we do allow drinks in our party buses and in fact, we will provide cups and coolers filled with ice, upon request, to keep those refreshments ice cold while you are off dancing into the night. We do remind you to take back any drink that might be left at the end of the night as we will not be held responsible for them afterwards.

Q: Is smoking allowed on the Moline Party Bus?
A: We have an established rule of no smoking inside our buses. This is also with the customer's best interest in mind. The smoke from cigars and cigarettes is not pleasant for all and it impregnates on most fabrics. So in order to provide a healthier and fresher environment, we respectfully ask that you abstain from smoking inside our buses.

Q: What happens if my event goes longer than planned? Will there be a problem? Will I be left behind?
A: Our intentions are that you end up completely satisfied with our service, so in the case of any unforeseen change in the agreed schedule, we will do our best to continue to provide our service. We know how party's go and we don't want for the schedule to be something on your mind, hindering you from having a good time.

Q: Does Moline Party Bus have any promotional deal with a local club or restaurant?
A: Not currently, but we know most restaurants and bars are really appreciative of your business. If you are traveling with a group of people, it's common that they go out of their way to meet any special request or even offer a special deal or promotion. We encourage our clients to always call ahead to check for availability and inquire about any extra perk or discount. You don't lose anything by asking!